Isowall Panel Machinery have launched an efficiency and output programme allowing panel makers to establish the utilisation of their machinery on a real-time basis.

The programme allows for reports to be forwarded to either a central programme facility or direct to independent tablets or hand-held devices. Companies with multiple plants will be able to receive, immediately following a production run, an assessment as to the waste that may have been created during the production run and the total volume of product produced of an invoiced value.

This information allows managers and panel machinery owners to calculate on a daily basis (or even on a production run by production run basis) the invoice value of their output as well as an estimate of the efficiency of the line in terms of:-

  • Waste
  • Labour usage
  • Output capacity

With flat market panel prices and increasing labour overhead and marketing costs, the ability to assess the efficiency of a line and its utilisation provides a management tool of considerable value to panel producers. The need to increase profitability in a flat price market requires management tools that are both efficient and focused.

This programme can be expanded to facilitate additional information that may be required by the panel producer including:-

  • Forward order production
  • Stock level raw material level
  • Client by client delivery data

The programme, which is available to all types of continuous machinery users (PU, PIR, mineral wool and EPS machines producing insulation panels) is an extension of Isowall’s commitment to provide a range of control systems to meet individual client’s needs.

To learn more about Real Time Production Output Programmes and their benefit to your company’s management system, contact:-

Isowall Panel Machinery : Ian Mordue : : +44 1908 266970

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