Isowall Consulting offers a unique insight of the worldwide insulated panel market, drawing from a large network of panel companies and data compiled throughout the history of the Isowall International company. Isowall Consulting not only offers database-led information, but also a knowledge and understanding of the industry. It is therefore well placed to analyse historic and current trends and anticipate future market developments.

Our expertise covers not only the sales and marketing of insulated panels but also from manufacturing, logistics, materials and a wide range of ancillary equipment.

Isowall Consulting has an expertise in the insulation panel industry and in particular:

  • Mineral wool panels
  • Polyurethane and PIR panels
  • EPS panels

  • Consultants are retained in a wide variety of manufacturing technologies including continuous, discontinuous and bespoke panel manufacture. A knowledge of varying manufacturing techniques and in particular machinery has been developed over many years of working with industry leaders in these fields. In addition, the company retains experts in the field of panel application technology and panel testing. A full range of advisory services is offered to clients seeking to either certify, grade or assess the quality of their panels against industry ‘norms’.

    Building on a long experience in technology transfer, Isowall Consulting is able to provide advice on the transfer of Intellectual Property and Licensing.

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