More Control Limited is offering a new adhesive system

More Control Limited is offering a new adhesive system

The traditional manufacturing process for panels produced on continuous laminating machines or gluing machines has been a two part adhesive system in which adhesive is dropped by way of gravitation on to an inner face of a steel sheet which is passed continuously through the laminating machine. There has been little development in this adhesive system for over 40 years but recently, with the demand for improved fire rating and improved structural strength, the need for an advanced pre-mixed two-part spray system suitable for machinery of the Isowall / Hilleng / MDI / Zhongxi type has become important.

The advantage of the pre-mixed system is that the quality of the adhesive is greatly improved whilst the bond strength rises significantly. In addition, there may be a reduction in the volume of adhesive used to achieve the same structural and fire related ‘norms’.

The system utilises a pre-mixing head and spray system that traverses across the panel facing, thus creating a ‘lay-down’ of adhesive in a diamond effect which can then be distributed evenly under pressure whilst the panel is passing through the laminating rollers or press. The adhesive is adequately cured by the time the panel has moved through the machinery to allow it to be cut and transported.

Further details, pricing and quotation are available from More Control Limited.

More Control Limited can supply an edge printer

The need to track and pre-plan production in the manufacture of insulated panels has become paramount. Quality control and on-site management of materials to achieve, not only quicker installation but also cost reduction, has become an essential part of the panel manufacturers’ service requirements to the contracting industries.

More Control Limited has developed an edge printer which will print, on the side of either EPS or mineral wool or PU panels, details of the panel, its location on site and other data that can be taken directly from the client’s production schedule.

This system can also link into the panel producer’s accounting system, thus allowing immediate invoicing of goods after production.

The capacity to track production and the parameters under which the panel has been manufactured is an essential part of the service that needs to be provided to meet new and upcoming product specification requirements. In Europe in particular, this demand for traceability of products is creating a need for the availability of each panel to be numbered and traced through the production process and on to the site.

Further details are available from More Control Limited.

A range of spare parts

There are a significant number of continuous panel laminating machines in the market which have been in operation for 20 years or more but which are still producing panels of good quality and at production speeds suitable for their specific markets.

The availability of spare parts and components for this specialist machinery has become more difficult as manufacturers and others have ceased to produce either panel machines or the specific model or type of panel machine operated in the market.

More Control Limited can provide a range of components and parts for most panel laminating machines as well as recommending:

  1. Upgrades
  2. Product development alternatives
  3. New or improved production components

More Control Limited is able to offer specific and focused advice to panel machine operators that will enable them to source parts from More Control Limited at economic cost and within a short period of time.

More Control Limited maintains a stock of standard electrical and computer control components as well as standard production items necessary for the ongoing maintenance of panel machinery.

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