Market changes are becoming more rapid

Isowall Consulting has examined the demand for insulated panels throughout many regions of the world over the last 10 years and has documented significant changes in the demand for mineral wool, EPS and polyurethane/polyisocyanurate insulated panels in various markets.

Many of the drivers for these changes are evident in variations in:-

  • Raw material prices between specific markets and between various product types
  • Raw material availability as higher specification materials become available in what were once pioneering markets
  • A demand for increased certification and government regulation (especially in the European and US markets) but the availability of testing in many markets throughout the world that had previously not had this facility
  • New entrants into markets (especially those that are emerging and were once pioneering markets) where price competition and product type have varied considerably as new entrants have entered the market

The changes that have taken place in the market have affected not only raw material producers and distributors but also panel makers and end clients who now have the potential to order a far wider range of products than they might have had previously. An example of the changes in market preference and its effect on the market in general can be seen in the Indian sub-continent where 20 years ago expanded polystyrene was a ‘norm’ for industrial coldstorage panels and where panels had a limited use in the industrial panel market. Today, after a preference initially for polyurethane panels, there are a significant number of large continuous panel manufacturers in the Indian market producing a wide range of good quality panels that meet both Indian and European standards. Expanded polystyrene panels are still available and the market has grown for these, however with only limited scope.

The availability and demand for mineral wool panels has created an additional market in which a number of leading companies in the Indian sub-continent have entered this market specifically to supply technical panels of a high quality to specific projects.

India is only one market in which a change in preference has occurred and, in today’s economic environment, there are several markets around the world where this change is both rapid and will have a high impact on the state of the insulated panel market for many years to come.

What were once pioneer markets have, in many case, become advancing markets where demand for insulation materials and also insulated panels is becoming greater, thus driving the options for preference in the market.

Isowall Consulting has expanded its research and review capacity, both by product type and by region, and has identified a number of markets throughout the world that are in a state of ‘preference change’ which will lead to opportunities for material suppliers and machinery manufacturers to supply new options to emerging companies, many of which are well financed, to expand their current production base. Isowall’s technical depth provides an enhanced knowledge of the technical changes that are being undertaken in such markets.

Isowall Consulting supplies a range of market intelligence (database, industry output, export/import and related data) on the insulated panel market to a range of companies throughout the world and is able to provide trend analysis, either on a global or a market by market basis as well as market/product comparison analysis, in a wide range of markets where Isowall Consulting maintains Representative Consultants.

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