The insulation industry is now closely associated with the energy saving and energy utilisation market. Government and industry demands are requiring an increased usage and application of insulation in a wide variety of end uses and applications.

Isowall Consulting draws on over 40 years’ experience of operating within the insulation industry, both in manufacture and a range of other contracting applications. Isowall Consulting retains consultants and researchers with extensive knowledge of this market and experience in the insulation industry. Not only have they a knowledge of existing technology but also an insight into the developments that have and will take place in the market in the years to come.

The Practice is in two divisions:

  • Manufacturing
  • Application (Technical)

  • Manufacturing Division:
    Isowall Consulting assists clients to develop and ‘grow’ their business and to take advantage of significant market changes. Isowall Consulting has also been involved in the technical transfer and sale of Intellectual Property within the insulation industry and provides a range of research-based services to companies seeking expansion either by product, market or by export activity.

    Application Division:
    Our expertise covers not only the manufacture of insulation materials but also the logistics, marketing and technical aspects of the insulation industry including the installation and application of insulation materials in a variety of applications. Project Review and Construction Advice are provided by the firm and our engineers are able to supply design detail and data to a range of project applications.

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